Meteorite Action!

2001-07-23 : Pennsylvania (U.S.A)

Spatial and Temporal Informations

Place of observation
(Pennsylvania, U.S.A)
Date of observation
July 23, 2001 18h 19mn 11s LT
July 23, 2001 22h 19mn 11s UT
Fireball duration
~5 s
Initial velocity
17 - 20 km/s
Start height of bolide
82 km
Start Coordinates
4130' N, -7536' E
Terminal height of bolide
32 km
Terminal Coordinates
4118' N, -7718' E
Ground path of the fireball
140 km

Physical and kinetics Informations

Maximum absolute magnitude
-20 -> -26
Kinetic energy
3 kt TNT
Jim Richardson of the American Meteor Society created this July 23, 2001, fireball sighting map.(Blue stars denote sonic booms.)


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