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Sound of meteorite entering into atmosphere

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July 7, 1999 Meteor blasts New Zealand with sonic boom Video - North Island/New Zealand
July 7, 1999 Meteor blasts New Zealand with sonic boom

The meteor exploded Wednesday afternoon over a remote part of New Zealand's North Island at 04:14:42 UT on July 7. Many visual observers made widely across both main islands of New Zealand. The object's near-terminal explosion at about 37 km altitude above North Island shook buildings and the ground, and produced thunder like re-echoings for almost a minute afterwards. No meteorites were recovered, hardly surprising as the roughly east-west trajectory would have dropped any solid objects into the sea.

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FoxwatcherSL Video - Murnau/Germany
April 6, 2002 - Newschwanstein Meteorite - Germany

Video : FoxwatcherSL

The camera had been deployed to observe an animal feeding place. The recordings also included surprisingly clear sound from the event: a roaring thunder, exactly 119 sec after the fireball had terminated.

April 25, 1969 - Bovedy meteorite (Northern Ireland) Video - Bangor/Northern Ireland.
April 25, 1969 - Bovedy meteorite (Northern Ireland)

"Miss Eileen M. Brown, of Bangor, an employee of the Telephone exchange in belfast, in pursuit of her lobby of recording bird songs was on that evening exposing as usual her tape recorder in the garden when the idyllic evening calls of the birds were suddenly interrupted by thunder. She thought, indeed, that it was thunder albeit from a clear sky. yet her father's dog thought diffrently-instead of panicking and seeking refuge at his master's feet as in the case of real thunder, he did not show any sign of alarm." from The Sonics boom of the Bovedy meteorite article
Three strang sharp detonations can be heard two thirds of the way through the recording, after car noise passing inthe street and followed by the barking of a frightened dog.

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