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Other atmospheric re-entry: Capsule, Space debris

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NASA/Ames Research Center Video
Hayabusa - Sample Return Capsule June 13, 2010

Video : NASA/Ames Research Center

The team from NASA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and other organizations flew aboard NASA's DC-8 airborne laboratory, packed with cameras and other imaging instruments, to capture the high-speed re-entry of Hayabusa spacecraft's into Earth's atmosphere over an unpopulated area of central Australia on June 13, 2010. The Japanese spacecraft completed its seven-year, 1.25 billion mile journey to return a sample of the asteroid Itokawa.

NHK news Video
Hayabusa - Capsule de Retour d'Echantillon - 13 Juin 2010

Video : NHK news

The record of atmospheric reentry of capsule from ground

NASA/Ames Research Center Video
Stardust - Sample Return Capsule - January 15, 2006

Video : NASA/Ames Research Center

Stardust is an American interplanetary mission of the NASA whose purpose was to investigate the makeup of the comet Wild 2 and its coma. It is the first sample return mission to collect cosmic dust and return the sample to Earth. The movie was taken from a NASA DC-8, it was flying at the eastern edge of the Nevada state line. The Stardust sample return capsule had a soft landing in the US Air Force's Utah Test and Training Range at 3:10 am MST.