Meteorite Action!

2010-09-05 : Santander (Colombia)

fireball from Mesa de los Santos

Credit: Luis Gomez
 Luis Goez, tourist in country, a friend when fireball streak the sky. "Since the camera was turned on, I took the picture very fast because the 'ball' was so fast that in 2 or 3 seconds had been on the horizon in the direction of Chicamocha Canyon and San Gil."

Meteor from Chicamocha National Park

Credit: centro canino del Batallón Caldas/Vanguardia Liberal
 A uniform from Batallón Caldas canine center took this photo when a 'fireball' crossed the sky of the Department. That Sunday, September 5, he was to canine presentation at Chicamocha National Park (Panachi).

The persistent trail

Credit: Vanguardia liberal
 place and author unknown