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2010-02-28 : Košice (Slovakia/Hungary)

Spatial and Temporal Informations

Location of fall
Košice (Slovakia/Hungary)
Date of fall
February 28, 2010 23h 24mn 46s LT
February 28, 2010 22h 24mn 46s UT


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Meszlényi Tamŕs Video - Telki/Hungary
Video : Meszlényi Tamŕs (Telki, Hungary)

  • AVI (xvid) ( 344x258 ): 178 Ko
Daniella Fazzi Video - Örkény/Hungary
Video : Daniella Fazzi (Örkény, Hungary)

Daniella Fazzi Video - Örkény/Hungary
Video : Daniella Fazzi (Örkény, Hungary)

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RTL Klub - news (Hungarian TV) Video
RTL Klub - news (Hungarian TV)

TV Noviny - News (Slovak TV) Video
TV Noviny - News (Slovak TV)


Slovakian research team and meteorites

Credit: dnes.sk
 Photos caught during the press conference

The main mass : 2.19 kg

Credit: dnes.sk

PhD Student Daiana Busova and météorite

Credit: dnes.sk

Jural Toth (Astrophysicist)

Credit: dnes.sk

Physical and kinetics Informations

Maximum absolute magnitude
Cannon-like burst and series of low frequency blasts were heard.
Total known weight (TKW)
<4.431 kg (until 2010 )
<79 fragments:
  • March 20, 2010 : First stone found by Juraj Toth
  • Mass 0.5g to 2.19kg
Ordinary chondrite H5


Bulletin electronique Slovaquie numéro 14
Meteorite "Kosice" light Slovak night sky
May 3, 2010
Astronomical and geophysical observatory in modra
Meteorite “Kosice”, the fall in Slovakia
April 13, 2010
Astronomers found the meteorite fragments in Vysné Klátov
March 31, 2010
March 31, 2010
March 6, 2010
Slovakia have a rarity: remains of a meteorite with pedigree
March 31, 2010
In Vysné Klátov, 64 fragments of a meteorite found
March 31, 2010
March 4, 2010
Expedition meteorite Kosice - 6-8 April 2010 (second slovaque scientist expedition)
Finding of Polish meteorite hunters
Siegfried Haberer - Meteorite
Kosice meteorite fall 28.Feb.2010 (german meteorite hunters, expedition July-August 2010, 6 fragments found)


Meteorite “Košice” - The fall in Slovakia
J. Tóth , J. Svoren , J. Borovicka ,P. Spurný , A. Igaz ,V. Porubcan , L. Kornoš , M. Husárik , Z. Krišandová ,P.Vereš and S. Kaniansky
IMC 2010 - Poster cession (2010)