Meteorite Action!

2010-04-14 : Mifflin (U.S.A)

Spatial and Temporal Informations

Location of fall
Mifflin (Wisconsin, U.S.A)
4254'27" N, -9021'56" E
Date of fall
April 14, 2010 10h 07mn LT
April 14, 2010 15h 07mn UT


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Howard County Sheriff's Department Video - near Cresco/Iowa
Video : Howard County Sheriff's Department (near Cresco, Iowa)

The video was taken from the dashboard camera of a sheriff office vehicle in Howard County, which is in Iowa along the Minnesota border.

WISN Video - Milwaukee/Wisconcin
Video : WISN (Milwaukee, Wisconcin)

Electronic Engineering Video - Cedar Rapids/Iowa
Video : Electronic Engineering (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Real-time video of the meteor flying by on the evening of April 14, 2010, as seen from a security camera at Electronic Engineering, 1900 6th St. SW in Cedar Rapids. This camera was looking northeast from the business.

David Clark (Police dashcam) Video - Portage/Wisconsin
Video : David Clark (Police dashcam) (Portage, Wisconsin)

Officer David Clark saw the fireball while on patrol in Portage at 10:08 p.m. Wednesday shortly after turning from DeWitt Street onto Franklin Street in front of Rusch Elementary School.

Bayside Police Video - Bayside/Wisconsin
Video : Bayside Police (Bayside, Wisconsin)

? Video - ?
Video : ? (?)

  • AVI (xvid) ( 320x240 ): 845 Ko
Wisn.com Report - Alf Nathan caught the meteor Video
Wisn.com Report - Alf Nathan caught the meteor

Oconomowoc High School student captured the photo of a lifetime Wednesday night when he focused on a streaking fireball in the night sky. "I was taking pictures of the grass over here and then I looked over and I turned it over really quick and as I took the picture I was watching it happen right up in this sky here," Nathan Alf said.

Channel3000 report - Terry Boudreaux describes his search Video
Channel3000 report - Terry Boudreaux describes his search


Meteorite caught from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Courtesy: Nathan Alf
 Nathan was taking some pictures for a class project when he captured this amazing picture of the meteor streaking through the sky!

Fireball caught from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Credit: Ace Waters

University of Wisconsin-Madison campus ~ 22:07

This images were captured by a camera mounted on the northwest corner of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Building on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Credit: University of Wisconsin AOS/SSEC
 Moments before bursting in a dazzling fireball over southwestern Wisconsin, a likely meteor appears as a bright dot in the Wednesday night sky.

Credit: University of Wisconsin AOS/SSEC
 A dazzling flash of light fills the sky over southwestern Wisconsin. Meteorite burst around 10:07 p.m. Wednesday, illuminating clouds and contrails from airplanes.

Security Camera Platteville, Wisconsin

Credit: Police Department
 Platteville PDs street cameras that caught footage of the meteor flying over the police station.

The first stone recovered (7.4 g) 22 hours after fall

Boudreaux says he calculated the path of the meteor and took off to Livingston with his two sons to look for the precious rocks. He was not the first one to find them, however. A local farmer showed the remains of the meteor to Boudreaux. The collector bought off the rock from the farmer and is planning to come back to collect more scattered rocks that could be worth thousands of dollars.[....]
"I started to collect fireball information, eyewitness reports. I looked at National Weather Service radar, got the trajectories. My kids were up till midnight going, 'Dad can we go, dad can we go?'" said Terry Boudreaux.
After taking four hours to get to Wisconsin and spending many more driving through some 400 miles of farmland and scouring the roads for little black rocks, Terry says he approached a farmer just outside of Livingston, Wisconsin.
"...He said, 'If you see those two chairs over there. I was sitting having a beer with my buddy and the sky exploded above my head and 20 to 30 seconds later a piece hit the shed right there, fell and hit the ground.'"
As it turns out a neighboring farmer brought over another meteorite 30 minutes later. So now terry had two. Experts at the Field Museum wasted no time weighing the one donated to them.
(article http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/local&id=7393945 from abc7chicago/Michelle Gallardo )

Terry Boudreaux holds one of the first recovered pieces

Credit: channel3000.com
 7.4g piece of rock

Terry boudreaux donate the second meteorite at the Field Museum

Credit: abc7 Chicago
 48g piece of rock

Physical and kinetics Informations

Total known weight (TKW)
>3.584 kg
>70 fragments
Ordinary chondrite L5, S1, W0


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