Meteorite Action!

2010-04-14 : Mifflin (U.S.A)

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Howard County Sheriff's Department Video - near Cresco/Iowa
Video : Howard County Sheriff's Department (near Cresco, Iowa)

The video was taken from the dashboard camera of a sheriff office vehicle in Howard County, which is in Iowa along the Minnesota border.

WISN Video - Milwaukee/Wisconcin
Video : WISN (Milwaukee, Wisconcin)

Electronic Engineering Video - Cedar Rapids/Iowa
Video : Electronic Engineering (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Real-time video of the meteor flying by on the evening of April 14, 2010, as seen from a security camera at Electronic Engineering, 1900 6th St. SW in Cedar Rapids. This camera was looking northeast from the business.

David Clark (Police dashcam) Video - Portage/Wisconsin
Video : David Clark (Police dashcam) (Portage, Wisconsin)

Officer David Clark saw the fireball while on patrol in Portage at 10:08 p.m. Wednesday shortly after turning from DeWitt Street onto Franklin Street in front of Rusch Elementary School.

Bayside Police Video - Bayside/Wisconsin
Video : Bayside Police (Bayside, Wisconsin)

? Video - ?
Video : ? (?)

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Wisn.com Report - Alf Nathan caught the meteor Video
Wisn.com Report - Alf Nathan caught the meteor

Oconomowoc High School student captured the photo of a lifetime Wednesday night when he focused on a streaking fireball in the night sky. "I was taking pictures of the grass over here and then I looked over and I turned it over really quick and as I took the picture I was watching it happen right up in this sky here," Nathan Alf said.

Channel3000 report - Terry Boudreaux describes his search Video
Channel3000 report - Terry Boudreaux describes his search