Meteorite Action!

Fake meteor fireball : Fake, Hoax...

Sunlight setting reflecting off the white trail of a jet

This photo was taken by a teenager from South Wales, UK and it was published on NASA- APOD website in a first time as being a meteor then later corrected.
It is very often described as meteor by journalists in science articles.
As explained in these different web's pages from space.com , ceticismoaberto.com , walesonline.co.uk et du sun The better hypothesis is a Concorde contrail reflecting the setting sun, because regularly it flew over South Wales on its flight path to and from the United States. A third picture with wide field of view confirm airplane trail origin
It is still two hypothesis: jet contrail illuminated by the sun orsmoldering rejection of fuel.

This photo is muddled usually for a meteor

Credit: Jonathan Burnett

Picture taken later

Credit: Jonathan Burnett
 It is clear that the cloud had lifted and that the reflection of the sun is decrease.