Meteorite Action!

1966-04-25 : Pennsylvania/New York (U.S.A)

Spatial and Temporal Informations

Place of observation
(Pennsylvania/New York, U.S.A)
Date of observation
April 25, 1966 19h 14mn 1mn LT
April 26, 1966 00h 14mn 1mn UT
Fireball duration
30 s
Terminal height of bolide
15 km
Terminal Coordinates
454'48" N, 7416'12" E
Trajectory slope (// horizontal)


Fireball taken by cameraman from Springfield, Massachusetts

Credit: George Gambino / Life Magazine
 George Gambino, a cameraman for station WWLP-TV,was returning from an assignment when he spotted a brilliant light streaking between the buildings of downtown and he shot a film with his 16mm Bolex camera

The fireball a fews seconds later

Credit: Geoges Gambino / Life Magazine
 At the beginind, the meteor looked like a fiery sphere with a twisted tail but it appeared to flicker and desintegrate into beads of light.

The meteore from Utica, N.Y.

Credit: Dana De-George / Life Magazine
 Dana De-george, a high school freshman, took this picture from his front yard. "It looked like a ball that you'd put gasoline on and lit," he said. "And it appeared to break in two just before it went out of sight,"

The bolide over Manhattan

Credit: William Copeland / Life Magazine
 In New York, 19-years-old William Copeland, a amateur photographer, was prowling along the Brooklyn waterfront and caught it's silvery trail etched against the orange sky over lower Manhattan.

Physical and kinetics Informations

Maximum absolute magnitude


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