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2008-11-20 : Buzzard Coulee (Canada)

Spatial and Temporal Informations

Location of fall
Buzzard Coulee (Saskatchewan, Canada)
5259'46" N, -10950'53" E
Date of fall
November 20, 2008 17h 26mn 43s 3s LT
November 21, 2008 00h 26mn 43s 3s UT
Initial velocity
~14 km/s


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Police Dashcam Video - Devon/Canada
Video : Police Dashcam (Devon, Canada)

Andrew Bartlett Video - Edmonton/Canada
Video : Andrew Bartlett (Edmonton, Canada)

Andrew Bartlett was trying to film planes flying over his downtown apartment on the 10th floor with a digital camera when he caught sight of the meteor and captured it bursting in a ball of gold.

CTV camera security Video - Edmonton/Canada
Video : CTV camera security (Edmonton, Canada)

Diana Dolack Video - Biggar/Canada
Video : Diana Dolack (Biggar, Canada)

Edmonton Airport Video - Edmonton/Canada
Video : Edmonton Airport (Edmonton, Canada)

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Police Video - ?
Video : Police (?)

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CTV Video
Video : CTV

report on the finding of the first stone of the meteorite

? Video - Lloydminster/Canada
Video : ? (Lloydminster, Canada)

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? Video - Lloydminster/Canada
Video : ? (Lloydminster, Canada)

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motel Video - Lloydminster/Canada
Video : motel (Lloydminster, Canada)

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First stone found november 28, 2008

U of C meteorite expert Alan Hildebrand and his Masters students, Ellen Milley, have found several pieces of the meteorite fell on Nov. 20 south of Lloydminster, near the Battle River on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. The largest piece weighs around 250 grams.

LONE ROCK, SASK. - At first glance, the biggest discovery of Ellen Milley's life looked anything but exciting.Small, blackish lumps on a frozen pond are the kind of sight easily dismissed while driving along rural roads in Saskatchewan.Yet the University of Calgary master's student was immediately intrigued, knowing these lumps were in the area where a meteor was thought to have exploded last week.Stopping the car, she and her travel partner -- U of C meteorite expert Alan Hildebrand-- gingerly stepped on the ice for a closer look.The first lump they investigated turned out to be a leaf. The second was a stone, but of inconclusive origin.But there was no doubt about the third. Hildebrand recognized it instantly as a cosmic treasure -- a 250-gram piece of frozen space rock. (K. Gerein article - Edmonton journal)

Credit: Grady Semmens, University de Calgary
 Alan Hildebrand and Ellen Milley on finding place (Source: CTV)

Credit: Grady Semmens, University of Calgary
 Ellen Milley islying next meteorite (Source: CTV)

Credit: Bruce Edwards
 Ellen Milley inspect meteorite (Source: Edmonton journal)

Credit: Bruce Edwards
 Ellen Milley interviewed on the frozen pond of Lone Rock, where she found the meteorite (Source: Edmonton Journal)

Credit: Geoff Howe
 A woman's hand next to the meteorite (Source: AP Photo / The Canadian Press)

Credit: Grady Semmens, University of Calgary
 Alan Hildebrand and there largest piece (Source: CTV)

Credit: CTV
 Meteorite on the frozen pond

Credit: CTV
 A second piece found on place

Main Mass 13 kg

Credit: Bruce McCurdy

Credit: Bruce McCurdy
 13 kg of meteorite created a 13 cm hole before bouncing a few centimeter away

Credit: Bruce McCurdy
 Map and coordinate of 13 kg meteorite finding location 5057'28"N 10952'16"W

Physical and kinetics Informations

Pre-atmospheric mass of the meteoroid
10000 - 15000 kg
Kinetic energy
0.32 0.09 kt TNT
Abundant sonic phenomena were reported by witnesses including anomalous sounds, explosion booms, staccato cracks, and late-stage whirring sounds.
Total known weight (TKW)
~50 kg (until 2008 )
<200 fragments:
  • November 27, 2008 : First stone found by Ellen Milley
  • Mass 1g to 13.1kg
  • 13.1 kg
  • 6.99 kg
  • 1.607 kg
  • 1.306 kg
  • 1.201 kg
  • 1.082 kg
3.26 - 2.4 g cm-3
Ordinary chondrite (H4), S2, W0


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Characteristics of bright fireball and meteorite fall at Buzzard Coulee, Saskatchevan, Canada, november 20, 2008
A. R. Hildebrand, E. P. Milley , P. G. Brown, P. J. A. McCausland, W. Edwards, M. Beech, A. Ling, G. Sarty, M. D. Paulson, L. A. Maillet, S. F. Jones and M. R. Stauffer
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