Meteorite Action!

Sunday September 05, 2010 Santander (Colombia)

Rumours go arround after fireball and explosion sighted in Santander country, Colombia. Crash plane? Military attack? Terrorists? In Bogota, the Colombian Interior Minister strongly deny, none of this A resident of Onzaga said object hit the El Morro's hill, another meteorite fell on his farm. The military and local authorities are dispatched to the place to search the probable fall area, even helicopters flying over country to find traces of impacts. But nothing ... Images taken by amateur photographers confirm the crossing of fireball but no meteorite was found.
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Wednesday April 14, 2010 Mifflin (U.S.A)

This evening, Nathan Alf was taking some pictures for a class project when he captured the photo of a lifetime "I was taking pictures of the grass then I looked over, I turned it over really quick and as I took the picture I was watching it happen right up in this sky. The fact that it was glowing green kind of freaked me out a little bit. Once I figured out that it was probably like a meteor or something I was just excited and amazed" Just after 22h the fall, meteorite was found.
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Tuesday October 13, 2009 Groningen (Netherlands)

A fireball as bright as the full Moon raced acroos the Netherland's sky.Many people from Holland, Belgium, Germany and France have seen the event. They report it breaking apart into as many as a half-dozen pieces, followed by sonic booms, low rumbles and shaking windows.The meteor have been caught by lucky photographers, like Robert Mikaelyan taken six beautifull pictures!
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Sunday February 15, 2009 Ash Creek (U.S.A)

Eddie Garcia, A TV photographer film a foot race when he see the fireball "It was something burning and falling really fast. Where I was at the time, yeah, I remember shooting it And wondering what I shot and then looking around and seeing if anyone saw it with me, and everyone was just focused on that marathon that we were shooting at the time," Ash Creek is the first meteorite fall to be definitively observed using weather radar. Thanks to eyewitness reports, a few great videos and some amazing radar images, the first stones was found barely 48 hours after his fall by the D. Dawn and D. Sadilenko'steam.
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Thursday November 20, 2008 Buzzard Coulee (Canada)

Andrew Bartlett, 63, was trying to film planes passing over his 10th-floor apartment at 103rd Street and Jasper Avenue when he saw what looked like a bright ball of flame.He held his camera steady and caught two seconds of it on tape. The object seemed to burn out just before it reached the horizon."The right place at the right time. It's a million-in-one chance," Bartlett said, marvelling at the video and his good fortune.
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Saturday December 03, 2005 Halls Head (Australia)

8h47 evening, Karun Cowper enjoy a meal with his family at Halls Head ( about 47 miles south of the Western Australia state capital of Perth), when they notice a bright tail in the sky, immediately he caught the meteor on his video camera.We got a bit excited, turned around and there was this spectacular, absolutely amazing thing flying across the sky," said Cowper.
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Saturday March 12, 2005 Washington/Oregon (U.S.A)

Saturday night, Jimmy Georgeson, 13 years old, practice skateboard with his sister, Karly Greico, 11 years old, and his cousin, Bree Larson, 14 years old. Larson records the feats of Jimmy when suddenly, around 19:45 , a fireball cross the sky.Hundreds of people in the states of Washington and Oregon will saw the event.
The bolide ended above the Pacific.
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Sunday January 04, 2004 Villalbeto de la Peńa (Spain)

Sunday 17h47 millions of Spaniards celebrate the three kings Gaspard, Melchior et Balthazar who, guided by a star, reached Jesus. However, on this day, 2000 years later, thousands of people over practically all the country saw, them as well, a celestial object illuminate their lives.Did it announce the coming of a Messiah?
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Wednesday July 09, 2003 Fresno (U.S.A)

Ch. 47 photographer Tony Kirkpatrick was interviewing a moviegoer outside the Manchester Theatre in central Fresno when he noticed the streak from the corner of his eye and turned his camera to capture a few seconds of it."I always shoot with both eyes open and noticed this bright light as I was shooting the interview,” Kirkpatrick said. At first I thought it was a police helicopter conducting a search nearby but when I didn’t hear the helicopter motor, I looked up to see what it was. About the same time, the theater crowd reacted to the light because it lit us up so much" Kirkpatrick said
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Wednesday March 26, 2003 Park Forest (U.S.A)

A little before midnight in a suburb of Chicago, Robert Gaza sleeps deeply in his bed. Suddenly a meteorite pierces the roof of his house, breaks into two pieces and passes through the ceiling of his room.The smallest of the two pieces (178 g) goes through the window while the second (2,333 kg!) rebounds inside the room, breaking the lamp-shade, the mirror and finally stopping close to the 14 year old boy.The meteorite had exploded above the districts Park Forest, Matteson and Steger. Buildings and cars were damaged by the impact, but nobody was wounded...
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Wednesday October 10, 2001 Columbie Brit./Alberta (Canada)

Brad Gledhill, visiting from Australia, in Banff National Park walked on summit of Tunnel Mountain when the daylight fireball appear above montainsThe terminal burst was loud enough to activate the automatic doors (triggered by pressure plates) at the Lake Louise Inn.
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Monday July 23, 2001 Pennsylvania (U.S.A)

Paul Brown of Rochester, New York, caught fortuitously as he was out taking pictures of his children in his backyard that Monday evening when this meteorite light up like a second sun.Several witnesses in southern New York and north-central Pennsylvania also reported a loud series of sonic booms from this event, shaking houses and cars.
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Saturday May 06, 2000 Morávka (Czech Republic)

Thousands of people, from southern Poland to Moravie, observed this extremely luminous bolide.It was an extraordinary event; at its maximum the brightness was comparable to that of the sun!Just after the fireball, the fall of the meteorite was observed in a garden of a small Silesian village - Morávka - and a small piece was immediately found.
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Thursday October 03, 1996 El Paso (U.S.A)

Allen Wood, a senior JPL employee at Pasadena, Ca, during an interview the next day by Fox TV News said "There was a bright, bright, flash, and then it changed colors down to oranges and reds and greens and disappeared over the top of the mountain".200 peoples have reported they saw the lights across the sky.During the evening of October 3, 1996, at least 6 bright fireballs were observed over the western United States with reports from California to Louisiana. casting doubt on their origin.Meteorite bounced? Was it UFO?Anyway, no meteorite impacts on estimated point was found.
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Friday October 09, 1992 Peekskill (U.S.A)

Peekskill, 207 Weels Street, 19h50, a crashing noise resounds, Michelle Knapp runs to the window, a meteorite has just smashed the trunk of her car. A piece of 12,4 kg at a speed of more than 300 km/h had struck her Chevrolet Malibu.It's the most filmed bolide: not less than 15 vidéos followed its race, the majority of the cameramen were watching a football match.An anecdote: this small city is the birthplace of the hero of signs- Mel Gibson.Poor Mel, still persecuted by an "extra-terrestrial"...
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Thursday August 10, 1972 Grand Teton National Park (U.S.A/Canada)

2h30 in the afternoon, a fireball crosses the sky of west American. Linda Baker is spending her holidays with friends in the Grand-Teton national park and, believing it is a rocket fired from of the military base of Vanderburge, takes her 8 mm camera and films 28 s of its path.A few years later they will learn that it was a bolide with a kinetic energy comparable to that of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Fortunately for us, or rather for them, the object rebounds off the atmosphere and sets out again into spacePerhaps the next time !
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Monday April 25, 1966 Pennsylvania/New York (U.S.A)

It's 7:14 p.m., in Springfield, Massachusetts when George Gambino, a cameraman for WWLP-TV back from an assignment, spots a brilliant light streaking between the buildings of downtown. With his 16mm camera, he shoot the fireball a short time, move to better view and record again 15 seconds. The meteor, with low slope impact, has crossed a big part of Northeastern America, from south to north during about thirty seconds.
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